Benfotiamine Can Help With Certain Health Conditions

In this category of the site we explore benfotiamine's effects on health problems and diseases. It's only a few molecules different from the Thiamine that most people are used to taking, but Vitamin B1 in this form can used more effectively to treat and help the body, such as helping people to see better and to offer some relief to diabetics.

Endothelial Dysfunction and How Benfotiamine Can Help

Could Endothelial dysfunction be prevented by supplementing with benfotiamine, and is there research to back it up?

Benfotiamine and Diabetes

Latest research explains how benfotiamine may help diabetics, by somewhat controlling glucose levels.

Using Benfotiamine to Improve Your Eyesight

Could eyesight problems like retinopathy and uveitis be treated with benfotiamine, instead of dangerous existing treatments?