Benfotiamine and What It Can Do For You

Benfotiamine is a precursor of thiamine (vitamin B1) that was initially developed to treat alcoholic neuritis (nerve inflammation that is rather painful), in 1960’s in Japan.

Today, benfotiamine (S-benzoylthiamine O-monophosphate) is produced for mass useage, but it’s importance is nonetheless as important.

The Vitamin B1 Nutrient

B1B1 (aneurine) is an essential vitamin that is notorious for it’s seeming inability to be absorbed effectively by the body, where it is active as thiamine pyrophosphate.

It is part of the B complex, and acts as vital a coenzyme reaction (production of a number of essential enzymes) for carboydrate (glucose) metabolism.

Thiamine must be fortified in ones diet to ensure the body gets enough. It has to be taken in a variety of precursor forms, or the body becomes deficient.Continue Reading

Health Benefits of Benfotiamine

The health benefits of benfotiamine make it a better source of thiamine, than water based forms. Here’s what you need to know.

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Importance of Healthy Kidneys

The kidneys are one of the bodies important filters, removing toxins. You can avoid kidney disease by eating quality foods, not drinking alcohol or smoking.

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The Importance of a Healthy Circulatory (Blood) System

Keeping your circulatory (blood) system healthy is vital, if you want to live free from heart related conditions. Here’s why.

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Endothelial Dysfunction and How Benfotiamine Can Help

Could Endothelial dysfunction be prevented by supplementing with benfotiamine, and is there research to back it up?

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Benfotiamine and Diabetes

Scientific studies show us how benfotiamine can help people with Diabetes, by somewhat controlling glucose levels and blocking AGE toxins with great effect.

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Benfotiamine Side Effects

benfotiamine side effects

The side effects of Benfotiamine are minimal, but there may be individuals who should avoid taking any form of thiamine vitamin B1, including cancer patients.

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Benfotiamine Dosage

benfotiamine dosage

A recommended dosage of benfotiamine is usually 600mg daily, but you can take much more, even double dose if your body requires it.

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Using Benfotiamine to Improve Your Eyesight

Could Benfotiamine be used to treat eyesight problems like retinopathy and uveitis, instead of some of the often dangerous, existing treatments?

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