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Andy is a health, nutrition and fitness enthusiast/amateur scientist, who has experienced his fair share of health problems. From an early age, at just seven years old, Andy was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus. A rare form of diabetes, which affects the kidneys and ‘water-works’.

Spending a good few months in hospital saw this diagnosis, which was only the start of hospital stays, albeit much later in life. Nowadays though, the condition can be highlighted in a simple blood test. And is now controlled through daily medication.

Then, at the age of 33, Andy was in a car crash that nearly took his life. Four long months in hospital, three weeks on life support and after numerous surgeries (14 in total), he was 120 pound lighter in weight, needed crutches to walk and left with serious blood circulation issues.

He gave up his security business so he could concentrate on his recovery, which took almost two years. Redesigning his life and career (for the second time, the first from Civil Engineering to Security), Andy now researches various supplements and natural alternatives to various medications.

About The Website

Anything the body can use more effectively, is a good thing. And there are certain substances, vitamins and supplements that can actually replace and work much better with the body, than more, lets say ‘commonly’ known ones.

However, most people don’t know about them. It’s not their fault, they just don’t know because they buy off the shelf brands or use what they recognize.

Benfotiamine is one of these nutrients (you can discover more on Andy’s Google+ profile).

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